Dalmatian breeder Wichita, Kansas

#1 Dalmatian in 2007 (All Systems)

BIS / BISS CH TCJ N Satin's Star Appeal  Winner of DCA National Specialty & Top Twenty Competition

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Apple's Recent Wins

BISS - Greater Twin Cities Dalmatian Club 8/22/08

BOB/G1 – Greeley Kennel Club 8/16/08

BISS – Greater Denver Dalmatian Club (2) 8/15/08

BISS – Greater Denver Dalmatian Club (1) 8/15/08

BISS – Western Reserve Dalmatian Club 8/8/08

BOB/G1 – Bismarck Kennel Club (3) 8/2/08

BOB/G1 – Bismarck Kennel Club (1) 7/31/08

BOB/G1 – Owensboro Kennel Club (2) 7/18/08

BOB/G1 – Owensboro Kennel Club (1) 7/16/08

BOB/G1 - Anoka County MN KC 6-19-08

BEST IN SHOW - Lake Minnetonka KC 6-8-08

BOB/G1 - Lake Minnetonka KC 6-7-08

BOB/G1 - Key City KC (2) 5/25/08

BOB/G1 - Key City KC 5/24/08

BOB/G1 - Janesville-Beloit KC 5/3/08

Award of Merit - DCA National Specialty 4/30/08

BEST IN SHOW - Logansport KC 3/8/08

BISS Dalmatian Club of Greater St Louis 3/1/08

Award of Merit Westminster Kennel Club 2/11/08

BISS Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis 2/9/08

BOB/G1 Jesse James Kennel Club 1/31/08

BOB/G1 Granite City KC 12/9/07

Award of Excellence - Eukanuba National Invitational

BOB/G1 Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Assn 11/16/07

BOB/G1 Penn Treaty KC 11/15/07

p class="style8" style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"> BISS Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa Specialty 11/1/07

BISS Dalmatian Club of Northern California Specialty 10/27/07

Presneted by: Dave Slattum Owned by: Kim & Dane Jenning, Todd Jardine, Jessica Hanson

Bred by: Melissa "Katy" Schultz & Todd Jardine

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Proud Members Of
Wichita Kennel Club
Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa

Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation Century Club

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Tandava, LLC.

Welcome to Tandava Dalmatians.

Tandava Dalmatians located in Wichita, Kansas we are committed to the responsible breeding of the Dalmatian. You will find a wealth of valuable Dalmatian information on our website. Everything from Dalmatian health, care and training to showing and competing with your Dalmatian in AKC sanctioned events. We will also occasionally have puppies for sale if you are interested in one of these devoted and fun loving companions.

We have owned, trained and loved Dalmatians since 1984. Our AKC competition began in 2000, when our first show puppy, Jill won the Non-Sporting group in a local puppy match. Needless to say, we've been hooked ever since. Our Dals currently compete in conformation, obedience and agility, and we are training dogs in fly ball and road trials. We are also planning a litter of Dalmatian puppies in the near future. All this keeps us busy, active and socially engaged. Don't let the movies and TV shows mislead you. Dog shows are as social as they are competitive. To be sure, check out our photo gallery for candid shots from dog shows and events we attend.

Dalmatians are a versatile, athletic breed, moderately sized and highly intelligent. They excel in many activities and are, hands down, the most loving and loyal pets you can own. When you make friends with a Dalmatian, you have made a friend for life. Our Dalmatians are such a huge part of our lives we can't imagine what we would do without them. They are responsible for so much of our happiness and so many of our laughs, smiles...and family photos. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that you'll come back again soon.

Kim & Dane Jenning
Tandava Dalmatians
Wichita, KS

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